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Best Alternatives to Intercom

Looking for alternatives to Intercom?

Well, imagine this scenario: you're a growing company with a rapidly expanding customer base, and you're in need of a robust customer support solution. While Intercom may be a popular choice, it's not the only option out there.

In fact, there are several alternatives that offer unique features and functionalities to meet your specific needs. From Help Scout and HelpCrunch's collaborative shared inboxes to Olark's advanced live chat capabilities, the possibilities are vast.

But which one is the best fit for your business? Stay tuned as we explore the top alternatives to Intercom and help you find the perfect solution to elevate your customer support game.

Key Takeaways

  • Help Scout, HelpCrunch, Zendesk, and Freshdesk are all viable alternatives to Intercom for help desk solutions.
  • Help Scout, HelpCrunch, Olark, HubSpot Service Hub, LiveChat, and Tidio offer live chat functionality as an alternative to Intercom.
  • Help Scout, HelpCrunch, HubSpot Service Hub, Zendesk, and Freshdesk can be used as alternatives for knowledge base management.
  • HelpCrunch, Olark, HubSpot Service Hub, and Intercom offer pricing and plans options, making them good alternatives for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions.

Help Scout

Help Scout is an excellent alternative to Intercom for businesses in search of a comprehensive and user-friendly customer support solution. With Help Scout's customer support software, you can effectively manage customer communication and provide top-notch assistance to your clients.

One of the key features of Help Scout is its knowledge base management system, which allows you to create a repository of articles and resources for self-service support. This empowers your customers to find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently.

Help Scout also offers a shared inbox, making it easy for your customer support agents to collaborate and manage customer interactions. The platform's intuitive design ensures that your team can navigate through conversations effortlessly, providing a seamless customer experience.

Another notable feature of Help Scout is its live chat software, which enables real-time communication with your customers. This allows you to address their concerns promptly and enhance their overall satisfaction. Additionally, Help Scout's unlimited chat history ensures that you have access to previous conversations, facilitating contextual support and personalized assistance.

For businesses looking for a robust help desk software, Help Scout's ticketing system is a valuable tool. It allows you to organize and prioritize customer inquiries, ensuring that no customer is left unattended.


Now let's take a closer look at HelpCrunch and compare its pricing options and feature highlights.

When it comes to pricing, HelpCrunch offers a range of plans to fit different budgets, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

In terms of features, HelpCrunch boasts a variety of tools and functionalities that can enhance your customer support experience. Some of these features include live chat, email automation, and knowledge base management.

Pricing Options Comparison

The pricing options for HelpCrunch offer businesses flexibility and affordability in managing their customer service needs.

With HelpCrunch, you can choose from three different pricing plans based on the features and level of support you require.

The 'Standard' plan starts at $15 per user per month and includes essential features like live chat, email, and in-app messages.

The 'Advanced' plan, priced at $29 per user per month, offers additional features such as a knowledge base and chatbot customization.

For businesses with more complex needs, the 'Enterprise' plan provides advanced features like API access and custom SLAs, with pricing available upon request.

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These pricing options make HelpCrunch a cost-effective alternative to Intercom, providing businesses with a comprehensive communication platform and excellent customer support at an affordable price.

Feature Highlights Comparison

Are you looking for a customer service platform that offers a shared inbox, easy installation, customer profiles, a chatbot, and reporting dashboards? HelpCrunch might be the solution you need.

Here are some feature highlights of HelpCrunch that make it a great choice for businesses:

  • Shared Inbox: HelpCrunch provides a shared inbox for managing customer inquiries from different communication channels, enabling efficient customer interactions for support teams.
  • Easy Installation: With HelpCrunch, businesses can quickly set up and start using the platform's customer service features, saving time and effort.
  • Customer Profiles: HelpCrunch offers customer profiles, allowing businesses to gain deeper insights into their customers' needs and preferences, leading to improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

With these features, HelpCrunch serves as a comprehensive customer communications platform, providing businesses with the necessary tools to enhance customer engagement and effectively manage customer data.


live chat software for websites

Olark offers a range of chat widget options, allowing you to customize the appearance and functionality of your live chat interface.

Their pricing and plans are flexible, catering to different business sizes and needs.

Chat Widget Options

Considered a robust standalone live chat option, Olark offers advanced insights, organized customer data, and a highly customizable chat widget for seamless website integration. With Olark, you have access to a range of features that can enhance your live chat experience and improve customer management.

Here are three key features that make Olark a top choice for chat widget options:

  • Free plan available: Olark offers a free plan that allows you to get started with live chat without any cost.
  • Customizable design: The chat widget can be easily customized to match your website's branding and design, providing a cohesive and professional look.
  • Advanced automation: Olark offers AI-powered bots and automation features that can help streamline your customer service processes and provide quicker responses to website visitors.

Pricing and Plans

When it comes to pricing and plans, Olark offers a range of options to suit your live chat needs. As a robust live chat tool, Olark provides unlimited chat conversations for your customer support agents. With its advanced insights and organized customer data, you can effectively manage and track your interactions.

Olark also includes offline messaging capabilities, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers. Additionally, the platform offers AI-powered bots for automation, allowing you to streamline your processes and provide quick responses.

If you're looking for an alternative to Intercom, Olark is a reliable choice with flexible pricing plans that cater to businesses of all sizes. Make the switch from Intercom and experience the benefits of Olark's comprehensive live chat solution.

HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub offers an all-in-one suite of tools designed as an alternative to Intercom, providing large businesses with comprehensive customer support, landing page creation, email marketing automation, and customer management capabilities.

With HubSpot Service Hub, you can enhance your customer experience and streamline your support team's workflow.

Here are three key features that make HubSpot Service Hub a compelling alternative to Intercom:

  • Live chat and chatbot: HubSpot Service Hub includes a live chat feature that allows you to engage with your customers in real-time. Additionally, you can automate responses and provide self-service support using chatbots.
  • CRM and ticketing: With HubSpot Service Hub's integrated CRM and ticketing system, you can easily track customer interactions, manage support tickets, and ensure a smooth customer support process.
  • Knowledge base and self-service support: HubSpot Service Hub provides a knowledge base where you can create and organize articles, FAQs, and tutorials for your customers. This enables them to find answers to their questions and troubleshoot common issues on their own.
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In addition to these features, HubSpot Service Hub also offers email automation for personalized communication and lead generation capabilities to help you capture and nurture leads.

With its comprehensive set of tools, HubSpot Service Hub is a robust alternative to Intercom for businesses looking to improve their customer support and overall customer experience.


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Zendesk is a powerful customer support platform that offers enterprise companies a shared workspace and inbox for efficient communication and collaboration. With its comprehensive knowledge base management, Zendesk enables self-service support for customers, reducing the workload on support agents and improving the overall customer experience.

One of the key features of Zendesk is its live chat system, which allows businesses to provide real-time assistance to their customers. This feature is particularly useful for companies that handle high volumes of customer interactions and need a quick and efficient way to help customers. Additionally, Zendesk offers automation and reporting features, making it suitable for large-scale sales and service solutions.

In comparison to Intercom, Zendesk provides a more robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It allows businesses to track and manage customer inquiries and issues effectively, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Moreover, Zendesk's user-friendly interface makes it easy for support agents to navigate and use the platform efficiently.

If you are looking for alternatives to Intercom, Zendesk is definitely worth considering. Its powerful features, including live chat, knowledge base management, and CRM capabilities, make it a strong contender for businesses in need of a comprehensive customer support solution.

1 Powerful customer support platform
2 Shared workspace and inbox for efficient communication
3 Comprehensive knowledge base management
4 Live chat system for real-time customer assistance
5 Automation and reporting features for large-scale solutions
6 Robust customer relationship management capabilities
7 User-friendly interface for easy navigation and usage
8 Suitable for businesses with high volumes of customer interactions


Freshdesk, another alternative to Intercom, offers an omnichannel support platform that provides complete customer support solutions. With its easy-to-use interface and shared inbox, Freshdesk allows for seamless collaboration among support teams. Here are three key features that make Freshdesk a strong contender in the customer support space:

  • Live Chat: Freshdesk enables real-time communication with customers through its live chat functionality. This allows for immediate assistance and fosters better customer engagement.
  • Knowledge Base: Freshdesk includes a knowledge base where businesses can create and manage a repository of self-service support articles. This empowers customers to find answers to their questions independently, reducing the load on support agents.
  • Chatbot: Freshdesk's AI-powered chatbot automates customer interactions, providing quick responses and routing queries to the appropriate support channels. This helps streamline support processes and improves efficiency.

With ticketing, customer management, and SLA management features, Freshdesk offers a comprehensive solution for customer service. Additionally, its collaboration features and automation capabilities make it a valuable tool for teams in sales and marketing.

If you're seeking an alternative to Intercom, Freshdesk is definitely worth considering.


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LiveChat is a robust alternative that offers comprehensive live chat functionality, including a customizable chat window, chat transcripts, customer data storage, advanced reporting, and integration with other tools.

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With LiveChat, you can provide seamless customer support and enhance the overall customer experience. The customizable chat window allows you to tailor the chat interface to match your brand's look and feel, creating a cohesive customer service experience.

Additionally, the chat transcripts feature enables you to review past conversations, ensuring consistent and accurate support. The customer data storage feature allows you to store and access relevant customer information, helping your support agents deliver personalized assistance.

The advanced reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into your live chat performance, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. Moreover, LiveChat integrates with other tools, such as chatbots, knowledge bases, and ticketing systems, streamlining your customer support processes.


Tidio offers AI-powered chatbots and live chat functionality to enhance customer communication and support processes.

With Tidio, you have a live chat option that allows you to provide real-time support to your customers. This feature enables you to engage with your customers directly, addressing their concerns and providing assistance promptly. The platform also offers customizable chat designs, ensuring a seamless user experience that aligns with your brand.

In addition to live chat, Tidio provides chatbot capabilities. These AI-powered chatbots can handle common customer inquiries, freeing up your support agents to focus on more complex issues. The chatbots can be programmed to provide information from your knowledge base, ensuring accurate and consistent responses to customer queries.

Tidio also offers features to support customer service management. The platform provides conversation history, allowing support agents to have context when interacting with customers. This helps in providing personalized and efficient support. Furthermore, Tidio integrates with popular platforms, streamlining customer management and ensuring a seamless workflow for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Better Than Intercom?

There are several alternatives that offer top-notch customer support, advanced messaging features, seamless integration options, and cost-effective solutions. These options also provide enhanced user analytics, multi-channel communication tools, personalized user experiences, robust automation capabilities, scalable solutions for growing businesses, and streamlined workflow management.

How Can I Get Free Intercom?

To get free Intercom, you can explore alternative customer communication tools like Help Scout, LiveChat, and Zoho Desk. These platforms offer live chat, chatbot features, and cost-effective solutions for real-time customer interaction without breaking the bank.

Why Is Intercom Better?

Intercom is better because it offers key features like live chat, shared inbox, and knowledge base, improving customer engagement and support. Integrating with other tools enhances results. Successful businesses use Intercom, and tips optimize it for specific needs.

Is Intercom Chatbot Free?

Yes, Intercom chatbot is not free. However, it offers various pricing options tailored to your business needs. Setting up Intercom chatbot is straightforward and there are case studies of successful businesses using it.


In your search for a suitable alternative to Intercom, you can explore a plethora of options.

Help Scout and HelpCrunch provide seamless customer support solutions, while Olark offers advanced live chat capabilities.

HubSpot Service Hub caters to large businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools, and Zendesk offers a shared workspace for enterprise companies.

Freshdesk, LiveChat, Tidio, Crisp, ClickDesk, Zoho Desk, Interakt, Drift, and LiveAgent are also worth considering.

Each alternative brings its unique features, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your customer support needs.

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