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Best Alternatives to Airtable

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    Are you tired of using Airtable and looking for better alternatives? You’ve come to the right place. While Airtable is a popular choice for managing projects and organizing data, there are other options out there that might better suit your needs.

    So, what are these alternatives, and how do they compare to Airtable? Let’s explore some of the best options available and discover the features that make them stand out.

    Key Takeaways

    • Hive, Trello,, and Smartsheet are user-friendly project management platforms that can serve as alternatives to Airtable.
    • Hive and Smartsheet offer spreadsheet-like views and tracking tasks, making them suitable for data management and analysis.
    • Hive, Trello, and provide integrated workflow management and collaboration features, allowing teams to work together efficiently.
    • Hive, Smartsheet, Trello, Workzone, and offer project planning and tracking features, making them comprehensive solutions for project management needs.


    Hive is a user-friendly project management platform that offers a spreadsheet-like view for tracking tasks and provides integrated workflow management. As an alternative to Airtable, Hive excels in team collaboration and task management. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive project management features, Hive allows teams to collaborate on projects and track progress in real time easily.

    One of Hive’s standout features is its database management capabilities. It allows users to organize and categorize information efficiently, making it easy to retrieve and analyze data. Additionally, Hive offers a range of project management tools, such as Gantt charts, which provide a visual representation of project timelines and dependencies. This feature is particularly useful for planning and tracking project milestones.

    Hive also offers robust customization options, allowing users to tailor the platform to their specific needs. From customizing workflows to creating custom fields and templates, Hive provides flexibility for teams to align the platform with their unique project management processes.

    Furthermore, Hive supports seamless collaboration among team members. Users can assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals. Hive’s integration with popular communication tools, such as Slack, enhances team collaboration and streamlines communication.

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    With its dynamic platform and excellent project management features, Smartsheet offers a scalable alternative to Airtable for teams looking to enhance their collaboration and task management capabilities. Here are three reasons why Smartsheet is a worthy Airtable alternative:

    1. All-in-One Project Management: Smartsheet combines the functionality of a spreadsheet with powerful project management tools. It allows teams to create and manage tasks, track progress, allocate resources, and collaborate in real-time, all within a single platform.
    2. Customizable Views and Template Library: Smartsheet provides customizable views that allow team members to visualize data in different formats, such as Gantt charts, calendars, and card views. Additionally, the platform offers a vast template library, enabling teams to kickstart their projects with pre-built templates tailored to various industries and use cases.
    3. Seamless Integrations: Smartsheet offers robust API integrations with popular third-party applications, making it easy to connect and sync data with other project management tools, communication platforms, and cloud storage services. This ensures a seamless workflow and enhances collaboration across the team.


    organize tasks and projects

    Trello is a versatile project management platform that offers visually organized boards and lists to help teams effectively track and manage their projects. It provides a range of task management features, allowing users to add tasks, timelines, and productivity metrics to their boards. The platform also offers team collaboration features, enabling multiple users to work together on projects and communicate seamlessly.

    One of Trello’s key strengths is its project management capabilities. It allows users to create workflows, automate repetitive tasks using Butler, and manage resources efficiently. Additionally, Trello offers Gantt charts, which provide a visual representation of project timelines and dependencies.

    Another useful feature of Trello is the ability to comment on specific cells, facilitating clear communication and collaboration within the team. The platform also allows users to import data from other sources and provides templates for various projects, making it easy to get started.

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    Furthermore, Trello supports data linking, enabling users to connect information across different boards and cards. This feature promotes a holistic view of projects and enhances organization and efficiency.


    Workzone is a project management platform that offers robust task tracking and collaboration features, making it a powerful tool for efficient project management. Here are three reasons why Workzone stands out as an alternative to Airtable:

    1. Customizable project views and user-friendly interface:
    • Workzone provides customizable project views that allow you to organize and track tasks in a way that suits your team’s workflow.
    • The user-friendly interface makes it easy for team members to collaborate and stay on top of their tasks.
    1. Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities:
    • Workzone offers advanced reporting and analytics features, allowing you to track project progress and performance.
    • With data analysis tools, you can gain valuable insights into your projects and make informed decisions to ensure their success.
    1. Visual project planning and scheduling:
    • Workzone provides timeline and Gantt chart views, allowing you to plan and schedule your projects visually.
    • This helps you keep track of deadlines, dependencies, and milestones, ensuring that your projects stay on track.

    project management software platform is a versatile project management platform that offers customizable workflows and task tracking, making it a compelling alternative to Airtable. With its intuitive project tracking and collaboration features, is suitable for teams of all sizes. The platform allows users to visualize their projects through various views, such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and timelines. This visual approach helps teams stay organized and ensures that tasks are completed on time.

    In addition to its user-friendly interface, also offers automation tools and integrations to streamline project management processes. Users can automate repetitive tasks and integrate them with other tools to enhance productivity and efficiency.

    When it comes to pricing, offers flexible plans to meet different organizational needs. They’ve paid plans starting at $8 per user per month, which provide access to more advanced features such as time tracking and custom integrations. They also offer a free plan for small teams to get started.

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    While is a powerful alternative to Airtable, it’s important to note that there may be a learning curve for new users. However, the platform provides resources and support to help users navigate and maximize its capabilities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is There Anything Better Than Airtable?

    Several alternatives to Airtable offer unique features, customization options, and competitive pricing. Consider Hive, Smartsheet, Trello, ClickUp, and Notion. Read user reviews to compare pros and cons, integration options, and collaborative features before making a decision.

    Who Is Airtables Biggest Competitor?

    Airtable’s biggest competitor is Notion. Notion offers spreadsheet-styled project management capabilities, customizable tables, and useful project management tools. When comparing the two, Notion provides a strong alternative with its unique features and user-friendly interface.

    What Is the Open Source Equivalent of Airtable?

    The open-source equivalent of Airtable is Coda. It combines documents, spreadsheets, and custom applications into one powerful tool. Coda offers a user-friendly interface, collaboration features, and customization options for simplified data organization.

    Is Airtable Better Than Smartsheet?

    Airtable and Smartsheet both have their strengths and weaknesses. While Airtable offers a more intuitive and visually appealing user experience, Smartsheet provides more advanced customization options, scalability, and industry-specific use cases.


    Based on the features and limitations discussed, it can be concluded that Hive, Smartsheet, Trello, and Workzone are some of the best alternatives to Airtable.

    Each platform offers customizable dashboards and workflows, extensive project management features, and unique benefits that cater to different needs.

    However, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the specific requirements of your team or organization before making a decision, as these alternatives may not be suitable for complex business processes.

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